Melbourne Construction Company: Drawing of Knox Aged Care

Melbourne Construction Project: Knoxfield Aged Care Facility

In late November 2023, Infinity Constructions commenced a new 6-storey residential aged care facility in Knoxfield Melbourne, VIC.

The Challenge

The new 13,000 square metre site is sitting in soft clay soil. As a result,  a subgrade stabilisation step was required on the project prior to the commencement of construction.

  1. Subgrade stabilisation solution for the carpark
  2. Subgrade stabilisation solution for the structure

Subgrade stabilization is a crucial process in construction, especially when dealing with soft clay soils, which can be problematic due to their low bearing capacity and high compressibility.

Why Is Subgrade Stabilisation Needed?

The site contains uncontrolled fill & groundwater. As a result, the geotechnical engineering requirements necessitated the introduction of a Lime & Cement stabilization layer to cap the subgrade.

If left untreated, these soils can lead to issues such as:

  • Excessive Settlement: The weight of structures can cause uneven settling.
  • Low Load-Bearing Capacity: Clay soils cannot adequately support heavy loads, leading to potential structural failure.
  • Poor Drainage: Clay retains water, which can lead to further softening and instability.

The Solution

Our Melbourne construction company undertook a multistage approach to solve this problem.

Steps in Subgrade Stabilization

Step 1 Site Assessment: Conduct a thorough investigation of the soil properties to understand its composition, moisture content, and load-bearing capacity.

Step 2 Selection of Stabilization Method: Choosing the appropriate method based on the soil assessment and project requirements. Eg. Mechanical, Chemical or Physical stabilisation methods.

Step 3 Site Preparation: Clearing site of debris and topsoil.

Step 4 Stabilisation Process:

Step 5 Foundational Piling: Including dynamic testing to code.

Step 6: Raft and piles cap are now completed.

Infinity Constructions: Delivering Exceptional Commercial Construction Expertise In Melbourne

At Infinity Constructions, we’re committed to delivering exceptional results on every project, even when faced with unforeseen challenges. This new Knoxfield aged care facility exemplifies our expertise in navigating complex situations and achieving optimal outcomes.

We’ll be sharing the details of this process in a series of upcoming blog posts. Follow along and discover the innovative systems and solutions devised by our Melbourne construction company.