Infinity has just completed an outstanding major refurbishment for Enormous Pty Ltd, located at 181 Pitt Street, Sydney CBD.

The refurbishment of this heritage building involved turning the previous existing residential space, consisting of 7 levels including a basement level and ground floor, into a commercial and retail use space with internal and external alterations.

The heritage building was first built in the late 1800s and since then, has gone through numerous alterations prior to our arrival on site. This was a challenge as it resulted in several layers of history being uncovered as the construction stages progressed, one being the building’s exterior awning. The key structural components of the awning being the outriggers and tie rods were classified as ‘heritage’ and thus, remains within the new awnings structure. This has created a historic time capsule for the building which will continue for decades to come.

The client is delighted with the result of this project and as are we, (the photos truly do speak for themselves!)

Well done to the Infinity Team, consultants, and subcontractors for delivering this complex project.

Photography by Ben Guthrie