Punchbowl Mosque - Sydney


The award winning Candalepas designed AIM (Australian Islamic Mission) Mosque located in Punchbowl has made a huge impact on the worship sector and has won many high-profile domestic and international awards for the interpretation of the traditional Mosque.

The project has modernised the traditional Mosque utilising the rawness of ‘off form’ insitu concrete and naturally finished timber. Infinity was engaged after a tender process to develop prototypes and refine the design and methodology for the mosque in collaboration with the architectural and structural teams.

In particular, the feature off-form ceiling in the prayer room. This ceiling features special domes called “muqarnas” (120 of) which were cast insitu using a fibreglass mould and special tiered formwork which was treated with a thin metal sheet for a Class 1 finish.

Photography: Ben Guthrie, Brett Boardman, Rory Gardner, John Gollings

Infinity Constructions approach to these types of challenges is to develop the process and methodology with our own in-house engineers and builders.

We do not rely on subcontractors to provide this service when it comes to the resolution of complex design, construction, and logistical issues.

As part of the resolution of the construction technique, Infinity constructed several prototypes in order to test the feasibility of process engineering in the field. An important part of the outcome was to partner with the trades and give ownership to all involved. This method as opposed to traditional hard dollar contracting proved to be most effective and resulted in a flawless collaboration between designer, head contractor and tradesmen.

The project was awarded the 2018 Sulman Medal for Public Architecture.

Sydney Community Center Construction Company – Infinity Constructions

Infinity Constructions is proud of our contribution to the iconic Punchbowl Mosque, a landmark project by Candalepas Associates. This project pushed the boundaries of traditional mosque design, incorporating raw concrete and natural timber for a modern aesthetic.

We were chosen through a competitive tender to develop prototypes and refine the construction methodology, particularly for the intricate “muqarnas” domes in the prayer hall. Infinity’s approach prioritizes in-house expertise. We don’t rely on subcontractors for complex design challenges. Instead, we collaborate closely with architects, engineers, and tradespeople throughout the process. For the Punchbowl Mosque, this involved constructing prototypes and fostering a sense of ownership among all involved. This teamwork proved instrumental in achieving a flawless final product.

The Punchbowl Mosque’s innovative design and construction earned it the prestigious 2018 Sulman Medal for Public Architecture. As one of the leading Sydney construction companies, Infinity Constructions is honoured to have played a key role in this award-winning project.