Scape Victoria Street - Sydney


Scape Victoria Street project is a new 26-storey 533 beds student accommodation building in Melbourne’s university precinct. Located at the gateway to the city’s academic precinct. Occupying 2 street frontages of Victoria St and Mackenzie, the new structure will also be located within proximity to Melbourne’s prime retail facilities and public transport networks.

Infinity Constructions was commissioned to complete this D&C project for Scape.

The building was designed by architect Denton Corker Marshall and has a modern exterior decorated with tree plantings.

Photography: Ben Guthrie

Ecological sustainability will be achieved through the Green Star rating system where a score of 5 will be delivered in the built form and in ongoing operations by Scape.

The interiors comprise extensive joinery, lighting, and a variety of colourful finishes which identifies this as the leading Scape offering for international and local students.

Infinity Constructions: Your Trusted Tier 2 Construction Partner for Modern Student Accommodation

As a leading tier 2 construction company, Infinity Constructions understands the unique needs of student housing projects. We are committed to delivering exceptional results through a collaborative approach, meticulous planning, and a dedication to modern amenities and sustainable practices. The Scape Victoria Street project exemplifies this commitment, offering a glimpse into our expertise in Design & Construct (D&C) high-rise construction.

A Prime Location for Student Living

Scape Victoria Street is a landmark development strategically situated in Melbourne’s vibrant university precinct. This 26-story building boasts 533 beds, providing ample accommodation for students seeking a convenient and dynamic living environment. The project occupies a prime location with dual street frontages on Victoria Street and Mackenzie Street, offering residents easy access to Melbourne’s renowned retail scene and extensive public transportation networks.

Design & Construct Expertise for High-Rise Projects

Infinity Constructions’ expertise in D&C projects played a pivotal role in the successful completion of Scape Victoria Street. Our team seamlessly managed both the design and construction phases, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow. This streamlined approach minimized delays and ensured the final product met the architect Denton Corker Marshall’s vision, featuring a modern exterior adorned with captivating tree plantings.

Creating a Sustainable and Vibrant Living Space

At Infinity Constructions, we prioritize building a sustainable future for our clients and the environment. Scape Victoria Street is designed to achieve a prestigious 5-star Green Star rating, signifying a commitment to eco-friendly practices. Resource-efficient building systems and a focus on occupant well-being contribute to a reduced environmental footprint.

Beyond the Room: Fostering a Community

Understanding the importance of fostering a sense of community amongst students, we ensured the project incorporated dedicated communal spaces. The interiors feature extensive joinery, modern lighting solutions, and a variety of colourful finishes, creating a vibrant and social living environment for residents.

Why Choose Infinity Constructions as Your Tier 2 Construction Partner?

With so many highly-rated Tier 2 construction companies, why choose Infinity Constructions? Infinity Constructions offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the specific needs of tier 2 construction projects. We are a trusted Sydney construction company relied on for student accommodation development, offering expertise in D&C, project management, and sustainable building practices.

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