Urbanest Carlton - Melbourne


The Urbanest Carlton Melbourne student accommodation project is a 12-storey building with 189 single-occupancy units, as well as common areas such as media room, bike store, reception, and rooftop BBQ with balcony.

The building was constructed from precast panels with prefabricated POD bathrooms. This project has a feature façade of precast concrete panels with structural steel window surrounds and a bold canopy entrance which serves as an architectural feature on the building.

Efficient Construction, Exceptional Design: Urbanest Carlton Melbourne Student Accommodation

Infinity Constructions leverages innovative building techniques and expert designs from DKO architects to deliver exceptional student housing projects like Urbanest Carlton. This 12-story development boasts 189 single-occupancy units, catering to the needs of a modern student population.

Beyond the individual units, the project prioritizes fostering a sense of community through dedicated common areas. A media room, bike storage, reception area, and rooftop BBQ with balcony provide opportunities for students to connect and socialize.

Efficiency is a hallmark approach of our Melbourne construction company. Urbanest Carlton utilized precast panels and prefabricated POD bathrooms, streamlining the construction process and ensuring a high level of quality control. The building’s striking façade, featuring precast concrete panels and bold architectural elements, showcases our commitment to both functionality and aesthetics.

As a Tier 2 builder with over 30 years of experience in Melbourne, Infinity Constructions understands the unique needs of student housing development. We are committed to delivering projects that not only meet strict building codes and safety standards but also create a sense of belonging and a supportive environment for students.

Our collaborative approach ensures open communication with developers, architects, and universities, guaranteeing a successful outcome that aligns with everyone’s vision. By prioritizing efficient construction methods and high-quality materials, Infinity Constructions delivers student housing solutions in Melbourne that are built to last and contribute positively to the surrounding community.